Palikap Than-Sakai-Maat Short

(Clan Short Charter)

(Note this has been annotated with Federation Standard English translations of Vulcan terms for ease of use by Earth humans.)

We, the Vulcan High Council, find the Clan Short Charter to be logical and acceptable.  Let it be done!

-- T'raansi, Pid-shikh-orna T'Khasi

(Delegated Spokesperson [lit 'agent'], Vulcan High Council)

I, Sarek, Head of the House of Surak and Family of Sarek, do hereby empower the Ugau-Sakaikwel ("the tribe," brotherhood by vow) comprised of my Earth-human grandchildren known as Justin Dodds, Jamie Stewart, and Jacob Stewart, and their Ugau-Than-Sakai (adopted brothers by vow), to act in accordance with the To-gav-ba'ik Than-Sakai-Maat (traditional law governing the duties and powers of Clans of Adoptive Brothers).

I. Establishment of Clan

Ugau-Sakaikwel Short, the band of boys who have sworn brotherhood to Sean and Cory Short and each other, is hereby recognized as Than-Sakai-Maat Short (the Short subclan of adopted brothers), which shall in Federation Standard English be rendered Clan Short.  By this charter it is acknowledged as an integral constitutent part of Pi'maat Sarek, Kalek-maat Surak, and Ek'tra-Maat T'khasi (i.e., the Vulcan people conceived of as a 'great planetwide clan').  It and its members shall be entitled to the full respect, honors, and freedom from local regulation which are the due of all within the arm-reach of Ek'tra-Maat T'khasi..

II. Membership

A. Clan Short shall have as full members those boys who have sworn Sakaikwel-Ugrelkoh (oath of brotherhood) to the sons of Charles Dodds, son of Sarek of the House of Surak, all those persons who are invited to join in Sakaikwel-Ugrelkoh with them, and those persons welcomed into brotherhood by consensus of existing Clan members, the Sakaikwel-Ugrelkoh being understood to have be in place by "tacit oath of hearts."

B. Clan Short shall have as associate members those persons who by Samekh-maat (blood parentage) or A'nirih-Thanah (adoption as sons) have allegiance to Pi'maat Sarek independently of clan status.  Presently this includes Justin Dodds, James Stewart, and Jacob Stewart.

C. Clan Short shall be empowered to extend its protection, and that of this Family, House, and the Vulcan people, over any person who shall fall within its purview.  It shall not be restricted in designing a proper logical relationship for any such person, ranging from 'person under protection' to 'full membership.'  Such protection may logically be extended to any person placed at risk by a Clan intervention or by their voluntarily attempting to assist in any action under the Clan's purview.

III. Persons with Authority

A. Clan Short shall be headed by a Patriarch (Pid-sam Than-Sakai-Maat).  He shall act in accordance with this Charter, and shall be empowered to do what is needed to carry out its terms.  Cory Short is hereby named as Patriarch.

B. Clan Short shall choose an Archivist (Viplaya-Varsu) who shall maintain records of actions taken by the Clan, its members and their histories, that the evil of inhumanity to children shall never be forgotten by those in authority elsewhere.  He shall work with the Liaison to ensure that Family, House, and Planet records are kept current regarding membership and actions of the Clan.

C. It shall be the responsibility of the senior Clan member of the Family of Sarek to keep Family, House, and Planet records accurate, and to keep Sarek as Pid-Sam Kalek-Maat Surak (Patriarch of the House of Surak) informed on an ongoing basis of the Clan's activities.  Justin Dodds is named as Sanapataya Than-Sakai-Maat Short (Liaison for Clan Short.)

D. The Patriarch shall be entitled in his good judgment to name other persons to positions of authority, including those charged with leading task forces, regional divisions, and action wings (Security, Intelligence, etc.) of the Clan.

E. Any member, when authorized by the Patriarch or acting in accordance with logic and Vulcan law and custom, may take any actions necessary to carry out the terms of this Charter.

IV. Duties and Powers

A. Clan Short shall ensure the protection of all children and young persons by whatever means are needed.  

B. Clan Short shall determine whether it is logical to intervene in any instance where a child is at risk.  It shall intervene whenever existing authority is unable, unwilling, or too slow to provide protection for abused or neglected children or youth, or those at risk of becoming abused or neglected through malevolence or inactivity on the part of those otherwise charged with their protection or care.

C. Clan Short shall intervene whenever a child or youth is in need of help owing to abandonment, neglect, or abuse.  It shall place such child or youth under its protection whenever it is logical to do so.

D. Clan Short shall act to ensure that any child which does not have a safe, happy, nurturing living environment receives such an environment.  This shall include recruitment as Clan members, adoption, fosterage placement, emancipation, or any other socio-legal tool which may seem appropriate and logical in the circumstances.

E. Clan Short shall be empowered to apprehend, try, and sentence any person who shall abuse, neglect, or abandon a child, or by action or inaction place such child at risk of abuse, neglect, or abandonment.

F. Clan Short shall be empowered to act in any way provided by the Safe Haven Act of the United Federation of Planets.  But it shall not be delimited by the terms of said Act, and shall act as may be logical or appropriate under the terms of this Charter, even when not empowered to do so by the terms of said Act.  The Patriarch and members of the Clan shall act in accordance with Vulcan law, tradition and logic when going beyond the scope of the Safe Haven Act.

G. Appeals against the actions taken by Clan Short shall be heard by Ambassador Sarek in his capacity as as Pid-Sam Kalek-Maat Surak (Patriarch of the House of Surak), or by the Pid-shikh-orna T'Khasi (Vulcan High Council), in their sole discretion.

Sarek, Pid-Sam Kalek-Maat Surak

(Patriarch of the House of Surak)

August 31, 2004 (date converted to Terran Gregorian)



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